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My Dressing Room Shaking Hands with David Letterman Ginger Claus Waiting for Santa... 

Taking a Nap Bandit my new step-brother... My Evil Step-SiSters My Step Brother Monkey

I Love the Beach Boy am I tired of this Santa suit! GingerBee (Holloween) Holloween Sucks!

I Brush After Meals... Good Dental Hygene is Important! (Actually I Just Like The Taste of ToothPaste) My Favourite Snack!

Puppy with Attitude! Strike a Pose... Brains, Looks, AND Money! Statuesque

Do I need a License to be this Cute? Can we move on to something else? When my Daddy's not around I use his Chair! I had a few friends over for a Christmas Party

For Dinner we had Ham! My Yorkie friend Chocolat Flew in from France! Peace on Earth! After Dinner we just Chilled Out...

Then we took a Nap! Chocolat took a bath... (they don't bathe in France) After eating all that Ham we couldn't move... Late at Night we sometimes Cruise the Halls...

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